10 Things To Do in Gili Air, Indonesia

Gili Air is one of the three Gili Islands just off the coastline of Lombok. The little island is enclosed by white sand, turquoise water, amazing lowered life, and an unprecedented region to add to your Bali Course. Gili Air is tied in with an agreeable dwelling, while Gili Trawangan is better if you favor a fair party every evening. Plan a 2 to 4-night trip and follow What should be done in Gili Air Guide.

The thing to do in Gili Air

The exception of the Gili Islands is that there are no vehicles on the island. It is close to nothing so much that in somewhere near 30 minutes you can examine the entire island by bicycle. The local vehicle is a bike, electric bike, or horse taxi. When in doubt, it isn’t recommended to take a horse taxi since it is generally acknowledged they are not treated well.

  1. Neighborhood Cooking Class Gili Air
  2. Swim at the figures
  3. Unrecorded music on the beachfront
  4. Join a seaside cleanup
  5. Bike around the island
  6. Swing at the seaside
  7. Best spa on the Gili Islands
  8. Swim with turtles on the Gilis
  9. Sunset on the west side
  10. Gili Air Fast Boat

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